MML: London to Bedford Enhancement Pack

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This pack enhances the MML: London St. Pancras to Bedford route by Dovetail Games. Please check out the feature list below to see exactly what is included:

What is included?

Majority of scenery visible from the driver’s cab has been ripped out and replaced with higher quality and more accurate/detailed assets.

Overhead line equipment completely replaced

12 car platforms added

'HST’ speed limits added

Kings Cross Thameslink added

Cricklewood Curve Junction/Brent Curve Junction to Dudding Hill Junction re-laid with accurate gradients

Additional track added between Carlton Road Junction & Junction Road Junction

Signalling functionality vastly improved using our Signal Enhancement Pack (packaged for use with this route only)

Neutral sections and cab secure radio (CSR) boards added

Ambient audio recorded in 59 separate locations

And much, much more!


Four scenarios are included as an introduction to the route. They use minimal requirements so as to make them available to as many people as possible.

For scenarios with more variety and set in different eras, we have updated the scenarios in the following packs to use this enhanced version of the route:

Class 43 (VP185)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (3 scenarios)

Class 317 Electric Multiple Unit Pack Vol. 1 (3 scenarios)

Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack Vol. 1 (6 scenarios)

Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack Vol. 2 (3 scenarios)

Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack (3 scenarios)

JGA-K/PHA Wagon Pack (1 scenario)

JPA Wagon Pack (1 scenario)

Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 (1 scenario)

TDA-D Wagon Pack (1 scenario)

Finally, further scenarios are available from us at

A trailer for this pack can be viewed below:

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


Manual - Download

Route Requirements

DTG Midland Main Line London - Bedford - More Information

DTG Chatham Main Line: London Victoria & Blackfriars - Dover & Ramsgate - More Information

DTG WCML South: London Euston - Birmingham - More Information


At least ONE of the following three packs:

JT Midland Main Line: Sheffield - Derby - More Information

JT South Western Expressways - Reading - More Information

JT Wessex Main Line: Southampton - Salisbury - More Information

Scenario Requirements

Please note that these items are only required if you would like to use the scenarios included in this pack.

AP Class 43 (VP185)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack - More Information

AP Class 700/707/717 Enhancement Pack - More Information

JT Class 222 Advanced - More Information

Recommended Scenario Requirement

Please note that this pack is not required for the scenarios to work but is required if you wish to experience the intended weather. If you do not own this pack, you will experience an unspecified default weather pattern.

AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 - More Information

System Requirements



If you have less RAM than this, you run the risk of experiencing ‘Out of Memory’ errors.


For the best FPS in busy/detailed areas of the route (Bedford, Luton, St. Albans City & Cricklewood southwards), we recommend the following:


Processor (CPU): Max turbo clock rate 5GHz

This pack will still function just fine for those with lesser systems than what is recommended above, but FPS could well be limited in the aforementioned busy/detailed areas.

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