What is an enhancement pack?

An enhancement pack takes an existing piece of rolling stock from another developer and improves it. It tends to include the following as a base standard:

New & detailed audio

Most/all of the most common liveries carried by the train at the time of release

Accurate acceleration and braking physics

Improved functionality within the limits of what can be achieved by using the existing model. This can vary a lot from model to model.

On occasion, third party developers will offer to assist in the production of these packs and provide the following:

External model additions to represent variations more accurately

Completely overhauled cab visuals and sometimes even a new cab model

In-cab radio systems such as NRN, CSR or GSM-R

Please note that these three items are wholly reliant on the availability of said third party developers and are very much the exception rather than the norm.

Finally, with the exception of some of our older enhancement packs, they do not apply to existing 'default' liveries included in the original packs we use as a base. They only apply to the new liveries we provide.