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24th April 2021

Scenarios Are Back! Introducing Powerhouse

For the past two years, we have been working on a new method of scenario distribution to replace our now discontinued scenario packs. Whilst these packs served their purpose at the time, the choice of rolling stock and routes is so diverse now, the idea of creating packs with a broadly common theme was limiting us and no longer made sense.

As a customer, you may not necessarily want all of the scenarios in one pack, but to pick and choose instead. You may also not have all of the requirements needed for a pack of scenarios, but possibly for some of the scenarios. This was not possible to know before purchasing.

We want to provide scenarios on an individual basis, with individual requirements lists, where the customer is instantly told whether they own all requirements to drive a scenario or not. On top of that, with an easy payment and installation process. Less time searching and more time driving!

Enter Powerhouse; a desktop application which allows you to browse and purchase our scenario catalogue with ease.

Upon launch, we are offering 48 individual scenarios priced at 99p each. 41 of these scenarios are updated versions of scenarios featured in our discontinued scenario packs with more up-to-date rolling stock utilised. The remaining 7 are brand new scenarios, more of which we shall be progressively releasing over the coming weeks and months.

To get started and find out more, please visit our sister website at www.trainsimscenarios.com


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