Vegetation Enhancement Pack

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The purpose of this pack is twofold:

1) The enhancing of existing routes by replacing all tree & bush 3D assets with higher quality assets included in this pack. 3D assets are the ones you often see closest to the railway. 2D assets tend to be used further away where detail issues are less of a problem. As a result, 2D assets are not touched in this pack.

2) To provide a variety of high quality tree & bush 3D assets for route builders to use.

What is included?

62 individual 3D bush & tree assets representing a variety of deciduous and evergreen species

Lines and groups of assets to assist in placement

Optimised so as to not affect frame rates (FPS) compared to existing 3D assets

Seasonal visuals for summer, autumn, spring & winter

No ‘popping’ effect as you move closer/further away from the assets within close distances. Please note, this is not referring to the hard-coded tile load limitation where assets load a long distance away.

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


Manual - Download

Which routes does this pack apply to?

Please see below for a list of the routes which will have their 3D tree and bush assets replaced with the assets included in this pack. The variety of assets you will see in these routes depends on the variety of assets originally used by the route builder:

BMG Welsh Marches Line: Newport to Shrewsbury

DTG Birmingham Cross City Line: Lichfield - Bromsgrove & Redditch

DTG Chatham Main Line: London - Gillingham

DTG Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines

DTG Chatham Main Line: London - Dover & Ramsgate

DTG East Coast Main Line: London - Peterborough

DTG Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Dunfermline

DTG Great Eastern Main Line: London - Ipswich

DTG Huddersfield Line: Manchester - Leeds

DTG Liverpool - Manchester

DTG London - Brighton

DTG London - Faversham High Speed

DTG North London Line

DTG North London & Goblin Lines

DTG North Wales Coast Line: Crewe - Holyhead

DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo - Portsmouth

DTG Riviera Line: Exeter - Paignton

DTG Settle - Carlisle

DTG South London Network

DTG South Wales Coastal: Bristol - Swansea

DTG WCML South: London Euston - Birmingham

DTG West Coast Main Line Over Shap

Rivet Games Suburban Glasgow Northwest: Springburn - Helensburgh

Rivet Games Suburban Glasgow: Airdrie Extension

Brands Armstrong Powerhouse
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