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Cloud Enhancement Pack

275 stunning cloudscapes

Different clouds are randomly selected when loading the simulator

Clouds more closely match the weather

Scenario creators can choose specific cloudscapes

Signal Enhancement Pack

Greatly enhanced visuals

Delay between the train passing a signal and it reverting to red

Incandescent bulb aspects now fade in and out

Realistic approach control

Powerful customisation options for route and scenario creators

Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0

New sky and sunlight colours

New cloud visuals

A wide range of dynamic weather patterns

Random weather option

Vastly improved fog & mist

Track Enhancement Pack

 High quality pseudo-3D concrete track

 High quality third rail model

 Ground texture changed to match the colour of the track's ballast

 Transition between plain line and junctions as smooth as possible

 Track audio improvements

Vegetation Enhancement Pack

62 high quality 3D bush & tree assets

Lines and groups of assets to assist in placement

Optimised so as to not affect frame rates (FPS)

Seasonal visuals for summer, autumn, spring & winter

A wide selection of existing routes enhanced 'out of the box'