MFA/MHA/MTA Wagon Pack

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In the late 1990s, a large number of existing 4-wheeled wagons were rebuilt for use in engineers trains to replace the existing vacuum braked fleet. These consisted of 135 MFAs (cut-down MEAs), 1000+ MHAs (existing HAA underframes with two variants of new body) & 396 MTAs (one variant using existing TTA underframes with new body and another a cut-down version of the MKA with high-ends).

All of these wagon types with their relevant variations are included in this pack. In reality, these wagons are used interchangeably which makes for some varied looking consists.

What is included?

MFA wagon (4 liveries)

MHA wagon (2 variants & 2 liveries)

MTA wagon (2 variants & 2 liveries)

Weathered variants

Empty/loaded versions with realistic physics

3 loads (new ballast, old ballast & sand)

Prototypical sounds as featured in our Wagon (4 Wheel) Sound Pack

Flashing tail lamp

1 realistic scenario for the DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo - Portsmouth route

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


Realistic branding patch - Download

Scenario Requirements

Please note that these items are only required if you would like to use the scenario included in this pack.

AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack - More Information

AP Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack - More Information

AP Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack - More Information

AP Class 455 Enhancement Pack Vol. 2 - More Information

DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo - Portsmouth - More Information

Recommended Scenario Requirement

Please note that this pack is not required for the scenario to work but is required if you wish to experience the intended weather. If you do not own this pack, you will experience an unspecified default weather pattern.

AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0 - More Information

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