ICA-D Wagon Pack

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Constructed in 1989 for the transportation of china clay both domestically and internationally, ICA-D wagons have become a distinctive part of the rail scene with their V-shaped bodies. When first introduced, they were kept spotlessly clean and earnt themselves the nickname, 'silver bullets'.

When introduced, these wagons could be seen on china clay workings out of Burngullow and Quidhampton. At the time of writing, these wagons survive on a flow from Antwerp to Irvine via the Channel Tunnel, as well as transporting calcium carbonate between Aberdeen and Workington.

ICA-D wagons are often mistaken for the similar looking TIA-D, which was constructed around the same time and supplemented the ICA-Ds on the Burngullow - Irvine working. Whilst not 100% accurate, we have included the relevant branding for the TIA-Ds, as well as their distinctive blue underframe, as a representation of these.

What is included?

8 branded variants

Weathered variants

Empty/loaded versions with realistic physics

Prototypical sounds as featured in our Wagon (Old) Sound Pack

Flashing tail lamp

1 realistic scenario for the DTG Riviera Line: Exeter to Paignton route

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


Realistic branding patch - Download

Scenario Requirements

Please note that these items are only required if you would like to use the scenario included in this pack.

Extra Stock - Download

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Recommended Scenario Requirement

Please note that this pack is not required for the scenario to work but is required if you wish to experience the intended weather. If you do not own this pack, you will experience an unspecified default weather pattern.

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