Wagon (Old) Sound Pack

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Armstrong Powerhouse presents a sound pack for wagons with old-style bogies. Before the advent of 'low track force' bogies in the 1990s, this was the classic heavy and loud sound of a bogied wagon.

33 separate run sound samples offer variety throughout the full speed range

Random wheel flats

Creaking & groaning whilst accelerating & braking

Brake squeal

Rail joints


Brake release air hiss

A trailer for this pack can be viewed below:

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


All wagons with old-style bogies contained in the packs listed below, are supported by this sound pack:

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DTG DB Schenker Class 59/2 | DTG South Wales Coastal: Bristol to Swansea |

DTG South Western Main Line: Southampton to Bournemouth | DTG Trainload BR Class 60 | DTG WCML Over Shap

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JT Cargowaggon Flat IGA | JT Cargowaggon IWB | JT Class 20 Advanced | JT Class 67 Advanced & Car Carriers

JT JJA Autoballaster Advanced | JT YGB Seacow Advanced

Brands Armstrong Powerhouse
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