Track Enhancement Pack

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What is included?

High quality pseudo-3D concrete track. Looks like 3D track from most angles but without the framerate hit.

High quality third rail model.

Improved visuals for default 2D wooden track.

Ballast ground texture changed to match the colour of the track's ballast as closely as possible. This does not include instances when the track is on a structure.

2 ballast colour variants (clean & dirty) where originally seen on routes.

Transition between plain line and junctions as seamless as possible. No more dark sleepers on junctions.

Removal of default 'track bed rumble' sounds which stem from the early days of Train Simulator where rolling stock didn't feature their own 'run' sounds.

New 'tingle' sound when train approaches

Standardised reverb when in a tunnel or under a bridge - using our own custom settings. This only applies to parts of routes where reverb is already present.


Which routes does this pack apply to?

BMG Welsh Marches Line: Newport to Shrewsbury

DTG Birmingham Cross City Line: Lichfield - Bromsgrove & Redditch

DTG Chatham Main Line: London - Gillingham

DTG Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines

DTG Chatham Main Line: London - Dover & Ramsgate

DTG East Coast Main Line: London - Peterborough

DTG Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Dunfermline

DTG Great Eastern Main Line: London - Ipswich

DTG Hamburg - Hanover

DTG Huddersfield Line: Manchester - Leeds

DTG LGV: Marseille - Avignon

DTG Liverpool - Manchester

DTG London - Brighton

DTG London - Faversham High Speed

DTG Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Innsbruck

DTG Munich - Augsburg

DTG Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

DTG North London Line

DTG North London & Goblin Lines

DTG North Wales Coast Line: Crewe - Holyhead

DTG Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo - Portsmouth

DTG Riviera Line: Exeter - Paignton

DTG Semmeringbahn: Mürzzuschlag to Gloggnitz

DTG Settle - Carlisle

DTG South London Network

DTG South Wales Coastal: Bristol - Swansea

DTG WCML South: London Euston - Birmingham

DTG West Coast Main Line North

DTG West Coast Main Line Over Shap

DTG West Rhine: Köln - Koblenz

Just Trains Bristol - Exeter

Rivet Games Suburban Glasgow Northwest: Springburn - Helensburgh

Steam Workshop South London to Brighton

Brands Armstrong Powerhouse
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