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Armstrong Powerhouse presents a sound pack for the class 303 electric multiple unit. Due to there only being one surviving unit which is unable to operate under its own power, not all sounds in this pack have been recorded directly from a class 303 but it offers a good representation of what they sounded like in service.

What is exactly featured?

Traction motor sounds

Compressor (recorded from 303032 at Bo'ness)

EP and auto brake sounds

Door open/close (recorded from 303032 at Bo'ness)

Pantograph up/down

User operable two-tone horn using the space-bar and 'B' key (recorded from 303032 at Bo'ness)

Bogie run sounds to give the sensation of movement

Brake rub and squeal

Rail joint sounds

Cab instrument sounds (recorded from 303032 at Bo'ness)

Realistic sound fading effects

Accurate volume levels. This means the quietest sounds are as quiet as they should be in relation to the loudest as per reality.

55 minute scenario for the DTG West Coast Main Line North route which sees you drive a 6 car class 303.

If all of that wasn't enough, we have gone beyond just the sounds and implemented some brand new features:

Prototypical 'tap-changer' acceleration physics

Realistic EP/auto brake operation

Driver only operation (DOO)

Player changeable destination blind

DRA (driver reminder appliance) equipment in the cab

Automatic unit numbering. Both driving vehicles in a unit automatically given matching unit numbers and all three vehicles given their corresponding vehicle number.

On top of all of that, two new reskins are included in the following liveries with Quick Drive consists:

SPT orange with late '90s/early '00s logos

SPT crimson and cream

During the installation process, this pack will be applied to the DTG BR Class 303. Please see below for a video of the sounds in action:

This add-on is supplied in download format only.

If you have a problem with this product, please use the contact us button at the bottom of this page and we will try our best to fix it.

Essential Requirements

DTG BR Class 303 - More Information


Extra Stock - Download

Scenario Requirements

Please note that these items are only required if you would like to use the scenario supplied with this pack. If you only want to make use of the sounds or perhaps use them in your own scenarios instead of the included one, then these items are not required.

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