Class 37/9 (Mirrlees) Sound Pack (Pro)

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Armstrong Powerhouse presents a Pro sound pack for the Mirrlees engined class 37/9 diesel locomotive. Converted in 1986, these four locomotives were built to provide a testbed for the proposed, but ultimately doomed, class 38 locomotive. Initially, they were renowned for being rather more quiet than their original engined counterparts but a spate of exhaust fires resulted in the exhaust silencers progressively being removed in an attempt to prevent them. This transformed these locomotives from being barely audible to on par, if not louder, than when they had their original English Electric engines fitted. This terrific sound is what is represented in this pack.

How is a Pro sound pack different to a standard one?

If a sound pack is classed as being Pro, it means that most, if not all, of the sounds used have been recorded using state-of-the-art equipment at an especially organised recording session. This allows us to acquire the exact kind of sounds we require to create the best experience within the simulator. In the case of this pack, all sounds were recorded from 37901 at the East Lancashire Railway. As well as excellent audio quality, Pro packs include separate cab and exterior sounds because as anyone whose been in the cab of a locomotive knows, there is really quite a difference!

What is exactly featured?

Ticking spirax valve

Accurate engine sounds

Subtle traction motor hum can be heard in the cab as you pick up speed

If the power handle is shut off sufficiently, the engine note will cut out as per reality with only the winding down turbocharger audible

User operable two-tone horn using the space-bar and 'B' key


Separate cab sounds

Bogie run sounds to give the sensation of movement

Brake release/application sounds

Brake rub

Brake squeal

Flange sound

Cab instrument sounds

Jointed track sounds (Co-Co 3-axles)

Realistic sound fading effects

Accurate volume levels. This means the quietest sounds are as quiet as they should be in relation to the loudest as per reality.

Amended physics to represent the slow uptake of power that these locomotives are reknowned for; earning them the nickname of 'slugs'

On top of the sounds, nine brand new high definition reskins are included which represent every livery the four Mirrlees engined class 37/9s have carried in their lifetime:

Railfreight Grey 37901 'Mirrlees Pioneer' / 37902 / 37903 / 37904

Railfreight Metals 37901 'Mirrlees Pioneer' / 37902 'British Steel Llanwern' / 37903 / 37904

Transrail 37901 'Mirrlees Pioneer'

During the installation process, these sounds will be applied to the reskins listed above and will not affect your existing standard class 37s. Please see below for a video demonstrating them:

If all of that wasn't enough, two high quality scenarios are included to give these unique locomotives a good run out on both a passenger and freight duty. The first scenario is for the JT Bristol to Exeter route and sees you haul a heavy rake of TEA wagons between Exeter Riverside Yard & Bristol Temple Meads with Railfreight Metals liveried 37904. The second provides a stark contrast as you stand in for a failed class 50 with Railfreight Grey 37904 on a morning InterCity service between Oxford & Paddington on the DTG Great Western Main Line route. Both scenarios are based on actual workings for these locomotives and feature realistic AI traffic from the relevant timetable of the year to ensure the most realistic experience available.

This add-on is supplied in download format only.

If you have a problem with this product, please use the contact us button at the bottom of this page and we will try our best to fix it.

Essential Requirements

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Scenario Requirements

Please note that these items are only required if you would like to use the scenarios supplied with this pack. If you only want to make use of the sounds or perhaps use them in your own scenarios instead of the included ones then these items are not required.

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