Route Stability Enhancement Pack

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What is the purpose of this pack?

One of the biggest issues with Train Simulator is its 32-bit 3.5GB 'memory' limit. Once you hit this limit, you will receive a 'dump' message and crash out of the simulator. With more and more rolling stock arriving at a higher quality than ever before, this strain has never been felt so much so this pack seeks to make routes more efficient so as to:

Reduce the chance of a crash

Provide the ability to include more rolling stock in a scenario

Improve the chance of being able to use 'full' graphic settings where previously, scenarios advise against it


How is this achieved?

After extensive investigation, we have identified one area where we feel there is a disproportionate amount of memory used compared to its benefit and that's ambient audio. Since around 2013, routes have seen an explosion in the size of ambient audio files used and we have discovered this adversely affects performance, in some cases significantly. As a result, this pack removes most, if not all, ambient audio.

As well as that, we found a handful of very large textures files which have been reduced in size, to a more economic level, with minimal visual impact.

Finally, we have removed the menu music which our measurements have shown saves around 90MB of memory. This particular saving will be experienced throughout the simulator and not just the routes listed below.


Is anything else included?

Whilst not strictly related to memory issues or stability, this pack provides a good opportunity to make other improvements:

Removal of default 'track bed rumble' sounds which stem from the early days of Train Simulator where rolling stock didn't feature their own 'run' sounds

Standardised reverb when in a tunnel or under a bridge - using our own custom settings. This only applies to parts of routes where reverb is already present.


Which routes are supported?

Please see below for a list of the routes supported, including the memory saving that has been achieved.

DTG Chatham Main Line: London - Gillingham (156MB)

DTG Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines (156MB)

DTG East Coast Main Line: London - Peterborough (44MB)

DTG Great Eastern Main Line: London - Ipswich (459MB)

DTG Liverpool - Manchester

DTG London - Brighton (95MB)

DTG London - Faversham High Speed (459MB)

DTG Midland Main Line: London - Bedford (459MB)

DTG North London Line (488MB)

DTG North London & Goblin Lines (534MB)

DTG North Wales Coastal (203MB)

DTG Riviera Line: Exeter - Paignton (495MB)

DTG Semmeringbahn: Mürzzuschlag to Gloggnitz (428MB)

DTG Settle - Carlisle

DTG South London Network (208MB)

DTG South Wales Coastal (203MB)

DTG South Wales Coastal: Bristol - Swansea (221MB)

Please note that the memory saving stated is the total amount of files that have been removed or reduced in size and may not necessarily reflect the total saving seen in-game. Not all files will always be loaded at once and the greatest benefits will be seen over the course of a scenario which covers the full length of a route.

For any routes not listed with a memory saving, these are already economical in their use of memory and only benefit from the 'track bed rumble' & reverb modifications.

We make no guarantee that this pack will stop you from experiencing crashes or 'dump' messages. Memory is not the only reason the simulator will crash, though it is by far the most common. It will still be possible to hit the memory limit; this pack simply offers more breathing room before it happens.

Provider: Armstrong Powerhouse
Product Code: APRSEP
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