Lighting Effects Enhancement Pack

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Have you ever driven at night and thought, "this is too light to be night time!", well say goodbye to that as we introduce new lighting effects to Train Simulator. Dark nights aren't all though, much thought has been put into selecting the correct lighting colours for each time of the day so at mid-day it feels very bright but as the day draws to a close, all objects gradually take on a warmer feel until sunset where everything takes on a lovely orange glow, then before you know it, the sun dips, the glow gradually fades with no sudden changes and night descends through dusk as the signals fast become the only things you can truly make out; just like a real train driver.

Seasonal differences have also been taken into account. For example, realistic sunrise/sunset times and dusk lengths (for the south of the UK) are used for each season. As well as this, the height of the sun has been changed to prototypical values so in the winter it is low whilst in the summer, high.

Finally, this pack also reduces the blue fog in clear conditions that tends to dominate too much in Train Simulator.

Pictures speak louder than words though so feel free to check out the screenshots to the left.

As well as environmental lighting, this pack has been updated to include new and improved signal light textures for the default UK colour light signals and tradtional bulb 'UK Pro' signals. Check out the screenshots to the left to see this improvement in action.

Please note that this pack will not function on scenarios making use of the new '3D' weather system; which first appeared in Train Simulator 2015.

During installation, these lighting effects will be applied to the following routes:

Bristol to Exeter

Cajon Pass

Castle Rock Railroad

Chatham Main Line: London - Gillingham

Cologne - Dusseldorf

Donnor Pass Southern Pacific

East Coast Main Line

East Coast Main Line: London - Peterborough

Edinburgh to Glasgow

Great Eastern Main Line

Great Western Main Line

Hamburg to Hanover

Hedborough North

The Isle of Wight

Liverpool to Manchester

London to Brighton

London to Faversham

Marias Pass

The Maerdy Branch

MML - London St. Pancras to Bedford

Munich to Augsburg

Newcastle to York (Modern)

Northeast Corridor

North London & Goblin Lines

North London Line

Portsmouth Direct Line

The Port Road

The Riviera Line: Exeter to Paignton

Ruhr Sieg Line


Settle to Carlisle

Somerset Dorset Joint Railway

South London Network

South Wales Coastal

South Wales Coastal: Bristol to Swansea


WCML North

WCML over Shap

West Somerset Railway

Western Lines Of Scotland


We shall endeavour to update this pack whenever new routes are released.

This add-on is supplied in download format only.

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