AP40: GEML Scenario Pack (Passenger 1998-2004)

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Armstrong Powerhouse presents a scenario pack for the GEML London to Ipswich route. Based in the post privatisation era between 1998 & 2004, these six scenarios will give you a good flavour of this era where the old (InterCity/Network SouthEast) made way for the more colourful (Anglia/First Great Eastern). Whether it's driving the ageing class 86s or the new order class 360s, you are sure to be kept amused and engrossed in a previous era.

In these scenarios, we've strived for realism in all areas. For example, each scenario represents actual workings using the relevant timetable of the year to create an as realistic experience as possible. As well as this, prototypical formations are used where possible with all services having their time of leaving, origin and destination as their name so you can see which train is which!

Finally, high definition reskins of the class 86 in Anglia and InterCity Swallow livery are included with many specifically numbered examples and their associated nameplates to immerse you even further.

Each scenario has been made to try and be as interesting as possible whilst retaining realism. A brief outline of each scenario can be viewed by clicking here.

A trailer for this pack can be viewed below:

All efforts have been made to ensure these scenarios work properly but due to the unstable nature of the GEML London to Ipswich route, there is a possibility some may crash whilst loading, or playing them, due to memory issues on this route. Advice is given in the scenarios descriptions, and during the scenarios, on how to avoid these crashes but we can not absolutely guarantee they won't occur so please be aware of this before purchasing.

This add-on is supplied in download format only.


These scenarios are designed to be used with 64-bit Train Simulator and at least 8GB of RAM.

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Provider: Armstrong Powerhouse
Product Code: AP40
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