Class 43 (VP185) Sound Pack

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Armstrong Powerhouse presents its first product; a VP185 sound pack for the Class 43 supplied with the DTG European Community Asset Pack.

The majority of East Midlands Trains Class 43s have these engines fitted and before MTU fitment, seven were fitted to First Great Western power cars which were 43165, 43168, 43169, 43170, 43177, 43179, 43191. These seven examples are supplied with this add-on.

These sounds were professionally recorded from the East Midlands Trains examples which include the distinctive revving up sounds, subdued scream at full throttle and start-up/shutdown sounds. Also, a user operable two-tone horn using the spacebar and 'B' key is featured. Please note that this will only be applied to Class 43s that come with the DTG European Community Asset Pack as default. Instructions are provided on how to apply it to 3rd party reskins. Below is a video demonstrating the sounds, for copyright reasons, the sound quality is not as good as in game but it should give a good indication of this product:

Since the video above was compiled, a new feature has been discovered within the Train Simulator sound system which allows the way a sound fades to be improved. With this new feature, sound now fades in a realistic manner by not staying at the same volume within a 30m bubble as before and becoming too quiet too soon but fading as you would expect it to. To see how this has improved this sound pack, please go to 6:27 in the video below:

A new, fully functioning two-tone horn has also been added which is operated by use of the spacebar and 'B' key. This replaces the original horn as heard in the first video on this page. Additionally, an occasional air expulsion sound from the engine has been implemented and for those with EAX compatible sound cards, cab sounds have been improved. You can hear these improvements in action from 0:40 in the video below:

Finally, if you didn't think that was enough, a high-quality scenario for the Paddington to Oxford route is included for you to test the sounds out on. This scenario has all trains from the May - December 2008 Working Timetable implemented and are named with headcode, origin and destination so you can see where the train has come from!

This add-on is supplied in download format only.

If you have a problem with this product, please use the contact us button at the bottom of this page and we will try our best to fix it.


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