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Armstrong Powerhouse presents the Wagon Sound Pack; a selection of sounds for use on wagons in Train Simulator.

This pack consists of 5 different base bogie sounds for wagons; these are:




Container flats

4 wheelers

On top of this, every base bogie sound (except where stated) includes the following sounds:

Wagon clanking when moving off and when brakes are applied/released (whilst moving)

Random wheel flat sound (except for 4 wheelers)

Air brake release

Dynamic brake squeal (will only squeal when brakes are applied and not when crawling at a low speed)

New rail joint sounds


Realistic sound fading effects

Below is a video demonstrating the sounds:

During installation, these sounds will automatically be applied to all wagons supplied in the DTG European Community Asset Pack & DTG US Community Asset Pack as default as well as the wagons contained in the following payware add-ons:

Fastline Simulation 102t Class A Bogie Tanks | IHH Bonus Content | JT JJA Autoballaster Advanced | Just Trains YGB Seacow Advanced  | Oovee MJA Wagon Pack | Oovee TEA Wagon Pack | DTG 4F Pack | DTG 8F Pack | DTG Class 02 Pack | DTG Class 31 Freight Pack | DTG BR Class 33 | DTG Class 37 | DTG EWS Class 66 V2.0 DTG Freightliner Class 66 V2.0 | DTG Freightliner Class 70 | DTG EWS Class 92 Pack UK Wagon Pack 01 | DTG Dash 9 Pack | DTG SD40 High Nose Pack | DTG West Coast Main Line Over Shap DTG West Somerset RailwayDTG Western Lines Of Scotland Steam Sounds Supreme Departmental Hoppers Pack

As well as these add-ons, easily installable patches are supplied to allow you to install these sounds onto: all other Just Trains' wagons, the Digital Traction Wagon Pack 1, Fastline Simulation ZCA Sea Urchins, German Wagon Pack 01, the wagons included in the DTG Falmouth Branch, DTG Woodhead, DTG Settle to Carlisle or DTG Horseshoe Curve route add-ons.

Finally, we shall endeavour to update this pack to add compatibility to any other future wagon releases.

These sounds really are a must-have for the ultimate Train Simulator experience. No more will you hear your favourite locomotive roar past with just a whisper to be heard from the wagons behind.

This add-on is supplied in download format only.

Provider: Armstrong Powerhouse
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